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The long awaited competition for the most beautiful garden starts again, firing up the competition between 4 reckless neighbors.
Make your garden pretty and sabotage your competitors, to guarantee your win. But don’t forget your defense in this  multiplayer, PvP gardening war!

This is the first real game we all worked on. It's a university project and was created in the 2. semester

Cut your grass, plant flowers and defend your hedges to get points!
The play with the most points ("best looking garden") wins!

By pressing E on any flowerbed you can buy a seedling from the menu. After it fully grown you can either keep and defend it to get points, or sell it for money. Vegetables are best to gain money, while normal flowers are your best choice for points.  Press LMB to sell plants.

Press space to open the buy menu. Here you can choose between multiple items to improve, defend or attack gardens.

After each minute the player with currently the nicest garden gets a money bonus!

That's the gist of it.

A more detailed description of the rules and items is included in the download.

We are running on the free version of the Photon Network API, therefore we have a slot limit of 20 players at a time. If the severs are currently full, just wait a moment :)

The most important bug you should know is a item-pick up bug. If you drop an item and pick another one up, before the server realized your actions, your pickup doesn't work anymore. So please wait until you see your previous item laying on the ground. Most of the times you can fix the bug by buying an item (scissors are the cheapest) and drop that.

And you probably want to close the game with Alt-F4 after finishing a match. Using the restart button takes at least a minute longer!

Some more minor bugs are listed in the readme.txt. 

Lukas Hort - Game Design, Vegetation creation, Particle Effects, Idea

Juliana Kralik - Characters, Concepts, Shed Modelling

Julius Trasselli - Progamming

Niklas Rüffler - Character Modeling, Rigging, Animations, Item Modeling

Andrè Molkenthin - Sound Design

Install instructions

For instructions on How to Play, please read the included readme.txt and Tutorial.pdf!


LawnAndOrder.zip 134 MB


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Such a cute idea and I adore the art/animation! It was really laggy for me though that could be because of my internet connection. There were some minor issues, like I couldn't punch anyone (though my friend could punch me :/) and the camera was very unpredictable and moved around too much, but overall I had a really great time and would love to see this concept expanded!!


Thank you for your feedback, it makes us really happy to see that you had fun with our game! :) If you ever happen to play it again, try pressing the Tab key to open the item buy menu ;P