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5 years after the end of World War 2, you find yourself in a world, that is not prepared for their veterans. Although you lost your legs in the war,you have never lost your passion for playing basketball. Don´t limit yourself to your own disability and keep on living your dream through wheelchair basketball.

Platform: PC - Oculus Rift
Genre: Sport
Modes: Free, Story, Multiplayer


A lot of work went into making throwing feel as natural as possible! We aren't fully there yet, but on a good way! After a few throws you get used to it! Why don't you give it a try and shoot some hoops?

As you are unable to walk in the game, you use your wheelchair to move.
It is controlled like an actual one: You can grab each wheel individually, push it in either direction or brake!
Maneuver your wheelchair in different directions by adjusting the relation of the wheel speeds!

In Free Play you have a whole gym hall for yourself! Spawn basketballs, throw goals, drive around or do whatever you want to do, while listening to our authentic radio!
We additionally have 2 game modes for you to choose: Can Knock down, which should be self explanatory and dodge ball, which might not be the perfect game if you are playing alone!

With our game we try to give attention to origin of the wheelchair sports! Therefore we made an additional Story mode, that introduces you to the controls as well as the origin of the original sport, which was founded by wounded veterans after WW2. Explore an Veteran Administration Center in the early 50s and make your way to the gym hall to shoot some hoops!

The multiplayer mode is currently still under development. It is included in the downloadable version, but hidden in the main menu. Read the included readme.txt to find out how to unlock it!
We never tested it with more than 2 players and the game modes are only designed for 2 players as well. We opened up the network for 20 players on one server, but be warned that this was never tested!
We will further improve this game and fix multiple bugs later this year.
We can't currently work on the game, because we are all in an internship and can't access the VR-Headsets in our university, because we moved. Therefore we hope that you are patient with new updates!
We had no experience of sitting in a wheelchair, let alone wheelchair sport! Therefore we got together with a local Wheelchair Basketball Club to get some first hand experience! Thank you for taking the time and showing us everything!

Click here to see more Gameplay Footage!

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Lukas Hort, Juliana Kralik, Louis Vogt, Marius Kröger, Nepomuk Kindermann


WheelchairBasketballVR_B04.zip 673 MB


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